Thursday, 5 September 2013

Guinea: Next Implementation Period of Guinea TB Grant Will See Some Changes, Including a New PR

As reported in a previous GFO article, Guinea was awarded renewal funding of up to $4.3 million for this grant (No. GIN-T-MSHP).
Other objectives for the next implementation period are to continue improvements in high quality directly observational therapy, short course (DOTS); and to improve diagnosis and management of TB/HIV co-infection and multiple-drug-resistant TB.
the financial irregularities occurred in the management of TB medicines. They added, however, that they believe the irregularities are more widespread. The CCM has not yet been formally notified of the irregularities.

As a result of the financial irregularities, the Global Fund insisted on a change in principal recipient (PR) for the next implementation period. A new PR, not yet named, will take over from the Ministry of Public Health. The GAC recommended that a long-term technical assistance plan for the Guinea TB programme be developed by the Global Fund and its technical partners.


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