Tuesday, 29 October 2013

She Will Connect: An Initiative by Intel

On the occasion of second ‘International Day of the Girl’ in October, Intel Kenya collaborated with Akirachix and turned its research into action with its “She Will Connect” initiative. The program is result of findings in the innovative “Women and the Web” report especially initiated to reduce the gender and technology gap around the world specifically in developing countries concerning digital literacy. The initiative focuses to reach five million women in Africa with the help of local and global governments and NGOs. It will ensure that more Kenyan girls start to develop technology applications with the 2-day free training sessions organized annually for the ones interested in coding. According to Intel, “Typically, in developing countries you learn technology in a shared environment (such as an internet cafe). When women connect to other women, they find social support and resources.” 

“She Will Connect” initiative would be testing a new model that integrates digital literacy with gender and development programming targeting women and girls such as Online Gaming Platform i.e. a podium to innovate the delivery of digital literacy content through an interactive, engaging approach and Peer Network in which Intel and World Pulse will be working together to integrate World Pulse’s digital empowerment training into existing digital literacy programs and connect women to a safe and supportive peer network. In addition, Linda Kamau of Akirachix asserted, “In a continent where women form a majority of the population and half of the workforce, it is an anormaly that the percentage of women working in technology is less than 15%. Technology is one of the key factors driving Africa’s projected economic rise. As such, we welcome Intel’s partnership as we believe there is enormous potential for maximising the growth of technology through increasing the number and quality of women in technology within programs that collaborate with like-minded organizations.” Intel has announced its collaboration with Akirachix to launch a country initiative that will help see more girls embrace technology.


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