Thursday, 31 October 2013

Tech Mahindra Catching African Market

Tech Mahindra, a renowned global It systems integration provider is in full swing to mark its presence in African continent. To quote its progress, the company has already penetrated in Botswana and other nine African countries which have also lead to employment. Sriran Veeravalli Sevellimedu, senior vice president said, “For the Mahindra group, Africa is an important continent and we want to build and share the growth of African nations by providing technology and also create jobs”. Africa, being a booming investment destination is attracting many Indian investors and one of them is Tech Mahindra which eye expansion in the telecommunications, banking, oil and gas sectors. After opening a shop in 2006, Tech Mahindra has its footprints in South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, Ghana, Congo-Brazaville, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Kenya and the Gabon. Sevellimedu appreciated Airtel for giving an opportunity to the company to commence shops in seven countries by taking over all their call centres during their first step in Africa.

Girish Nair, Tech Mahindra’s Nigeria Head recognizing ITC’s potential expressed that it can reduce country’s unemployment rate if managed properly and the government pay more attention to this. He added, “Tech Mahindra has brought into industry the best practices based on global experience cutting all industries worldwide and the company’s services support the growth of industry in Nigeria”. The company has started recruiting graduates for training in India as there is a need for continuous training of staff to get better results. 


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