Friday, 15 November 2013

Indian Universities: A Magnet for East African Students

Indian Universities: A Magnet for East African Students
The students in East African countries are massively heading towards India for higher education as the country’s higher education sector is grooming more and more to redeem its place as the leading destination for students of Africa. Indian universities held workshops in East African countries to provide platform to potential students and parents. H.E. Mr. Sibabrata Tripathi, Indian High Commissioner to Kenya asserted that universities in India have remained popular in Africa because of the quality of education, the use of English, costs and quality. He also noted, “India offers quality higher education at an affordable cost. The use of English as a medium of instruction, reasonable living costs, ethnic, religious and cultural diversity in the country, similarity of life experience in a developing country and the presence of foreign student communities from various countries continue to act as an attraction.”

In recent years, distance education courses offered by Indian institutions are getting popular. India’s reputation as an older and more developed higher education sector enhances as an allurement among students. Furthermore, Indian government’s scholarships to African students acts as an icing on the cake ensuring country’s hold in attracting foreign students especially in Kenya with estimated 100 scholarships each year. According to H.E. Mr. Francis Kaberia the then Kenya’s High Commissioner to India, there are 3,500 students studying in India, Uganda has sent more than 800 students, while Tanzania has around 1,000 students studying mainly in Delhi and Hyderabad.


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