Monday, 9 December 2013

Asia-Africa AgriBusiness Forum 2014

An event highlighting the major contributions of agriculture sector in the economic development of African and Asian economies, Asia-Africa AgriBusiness Forum is all set to further strengthen the economic and agricultural ties between both these continents. The event organized from Feb 04-06, 2014, by FICCI in partnership with Government of India will prove to be a great platform for entrepreneurs of both the continents to have an open discussion and enhance their agribusiness linkages.

Africa and Asia are poised as the future food baskets of the world present immense opportunities for investment and many other countries worldwide eye these two continents for their food security concerns. Having its prime focus on the imperative sector, Agriculture which is affecting most of the economies directly or indirectly the event’s main intent is to highlight the extensive role of agriculture in the growth of African and Asian economy and to catch the huge potential for productivity enhancement, R&D infrastructure development, agri education, extension system and strengthening the value chain attempting to build more agribusiness linkages between both the continents.

The three day forum will entail various programmes and sessions including B2B meetings and exhibitions aiming to tap emerging export and import markets and motivate technology transfer. Collectively, Agriculture Ministers from Asian & African countries, senior industry leaders, policy makers, Government officials, multi-lateral organizations, regional economic blocs and major funding organizations will participate in an endeavor to further develop an improved framework for greater international cooperation in the flourishing sector.

THE TIMES OF AFRICA as Media Partner would be actively participating in the prompting discussion and would be drawing out a detailed coverage on the same in the magazine. The coverage will be highlighted as a Special report in the Jan-Feb’14 issue. It is our sincere endeavor to bring into limelight the forum’s earnest rationale and spread extensive awareness on the same.

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