Friday, 3 January 2014

Nigeria: A new Era of Internet

Two path-breakers in the arena of Information and Communication Technology i.e. Airtel Nigeria and Google have recently moved into an internet service partnership facilitating its customers to have more access to mobile web search and other phone-friendly versions of Gmail and Google. With an endeavor to allow more people to access internet, the Free Zone service aims to target the first time internet users who have never purchased data plans and even find expensive to avail basic services like email, mobile web browsing and social applications. Airtel Nigeria communicated that with this facility of Free Zone, phone users can receive full benefit of the web in enhancing their businesses and can also remain in touch with the fellow friends and family without any fear of data loss.

Commenting on it, Juliet Ehimuan, Country Manager of Google Nigeria stated, “we are excited to be working with Airtel to introduce Free Zone powered by Google to Nigeria. We believe in the power of the internet to create better opportunities, and working with Airtel on this makes it possible for anyone with a phone to get Internet services at little or no cost. Just like our other access projects, this gives people easier access to information in a way that benefits not just themselves, but their businesses, and by extension Nigeria’s economy.” Highlighting the utmost importance of internet for the social and economic development of Nigeria, Deepak Srivastava, chief operating officer (COO) and executive director of Airtel Nigeria said, “We are, therefore, really proud to bring this spectacular innovation to Nigerians, especially our customers, who will now have seamless access to Google Search, Gmail and Google by simply using Airtel SIM cards on any data-enabled handset free of charge. This is indeed another good reason to remain an Airtel customer or to join Airtel if you are not yet a customer.”


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