Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A perfect example of true dedication

GHANA: Making India proud in Africa, an Indian lady doctor has explained the true meaning of devotion and has set a perfect example of true dedication for the people. Uma Sen popularly recognized as ‘Mama’ has worked in Ghana for almost 45 years spending half of her life rendering services as a specialist to Ghana’s people without a permanent residency permit. Presently, residing in a ward of the local hospital, she is being looked after by the staff of the Volta Regional Hospital at HO where she last worked. Observing her efforts, Joseph Teye Nuertey, regional director of the Ghana Health Service expressed, “This woman deserves to be properly honored by the country.” He also wrote to Ghana’s health minister to award her for her contributions made towards the country highlighting how she has trained enormous doctors in obstetrics and gynecology. Further, in a letter he articulated, “Dr. Uma Sen never married. She spent her life working in Ghana and has rendered meritorious service to the people of Ghana. It is our opinion that Dr. Uma Sen should be honored by the ministry of health and the Ghana Health Service to serve as a motivation for foreign nationals working in the country. Dr. Uma Sen has no intention of going back to her country of birth and should therefore, be appropriately settled in the country, preferably in the Volta Region where she has many friends.” See more at: http://www.thetimesofafrica.com/node/516#sthash.7ST0qho2.dpuf


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