Friday, 14 February 2014

African craftswomen in limelight

Under the guidance of Indian Ministry of External Affairs well supported by the department of Industrial Policy and Promotion & Ministry of Commerce and Industry, nearly 40 women artisans from Ghana and Ethiopia have been gaining knowledge as how to weave diverse products with natural fibre inherent to their respective countries at the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. During the India-Africa Forum Summit-II held in 2011 addressed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, it was discussed NID will work towards the empowerment of women involved in weaving of baskets in majorly 5 African countries i.e. Zimbabwe, Ghana, Ethiopia, Zambia and Malawi. On this Shimul Mehta Vyas, activity chairman of the outreach programme at NID commented, “We will engage with the craft sector, bring design intervention at the grassroots level and work to improve the livelihood of these marginalized craftspeople.” As per the sources, Shubhra Singh, joint secretary was really delighted to see the progress of the African women and the work performed by them after the visit made to NID.

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