Monday, 24 February 2014

Mozambique - Walking on the Path of Success

At the end of the year Mozambican government has come up with Economic and Social Plan for 2014 introduced by Prime Minister Alberto Vaquina into the nation’s parliament among the assembly of the Republic. The plan is targeted for economic growth of eight percent i.e. a growth in ostensible GDP from the estimated final figure for this year of 15.365 billion US$ to marginally more than 17 billion US$. Keeping in observation the population projections from the 2007 census, this will increase GDP per capita from 631 to 680 dollars. This plan is also expected to intend for key macro-economic targets like to keep the average twelve monthly inflation rate during the year to no more than 5.6 percent, and to constitute net international reserves of 3.023 billion US$ enough to cover 3.7 months of imports of goods and services. See more at:


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