Monday, 14 April 2014

Helping Hand to Investors

Through an act of 36 articles recently passed in the National Assembly, Cameroon has a new code of incentives for private investment.

All indicators show that Cameroon has resolutely turned towards the paths of emergence. With this innovative law of 2013, special tax and customs arrangements are being made for companies and investors during installation and operation. Specific incentives are also granted primarily for certain sectors like agriculture, fisheries, livestock, packaging and storage of plant, animal or fish products. Sectors such as: tourism, handicrafts, housing, agro-industry, energy, heavy manufacturing, industry, building materials, steel, metal construction, the water or the activities of maritime sector as well as navigation, also benefit from this incentive plan.  

These companies are also eligible for exemptions from VAT, property tax, direct removal on the request of the investor, recording the fixed fee or admission to special temporary duty of equipment and industrial devices. More....


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