Friday, 18 April 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 is made for Tanzania

The company that bought a new storm in the ICT world, Samsung has once again proved its mettle by the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 in the Tanzanian market. Making a new record, there was a sellout of nearly 100 handsets of the newly launched phone and Tanzania joined over 120 other countries to unveil the company’s new product.

According to sources, initially 180 pieces were in store for the launch and in a short span of time around 140 and 150 were sold and orders were mounting. He further added, "The requests for the new phone are overwhelming. When the Galaxy S4 was launched last year the shop was abuzz but all signs show that these coming two weeks will be extremely busy.” Bearing improved built in quality, more superior user experience, added biometrics security features and improved camera quality, the innovative advanced smartphone was sold at 1,350,000/- per piece while the Galaxy S4 was of 1,200,000/- when it was launched.  Read More...


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