Monday, 14 April 2014


The Bamileke are a tribe of the region of West Cameroon; they are the most merchant class in the country, and control almost all circuits of small distributions. The social organization among them culminates around the clan leader, Fo, holder of ancestral values.

The Fo is generally a rich and revered man. He is married to several women and can count dozens, and has hundreds of children. At his death, he is succeeded by an heir, often he will formerly designated. But things are not as simple.

The formal appointment of the head gives rise to many negotiations. The notables are consulted and sometimes even near and dear friends of the deceased leader. The successor is then "stopped" and the la'akam is put in the box of the initiations, from which it appears almost a month later, pledged with all the powers. He is then enthroned during a great popular demonstration with parades and dances. More...


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