Monday, 29 September 2014

Government’s Strategy to Fight Ebola

2,000 young people will go door to door and educate the public about Ebola as said by the Guinean government. After the death of eight health workers and journalists by Ebola, the government has planned to raise attentiveness about the virus. Government dont want the repetition of what happened in Wome. 20 people found accused while investigation of the disease and accordingly changes are made in the Ebola strategy, said government spokesperson Albert Damatang Camara. “What happened in Wome goes beyond description and it came as a surprise,” Camara said. "[They] are reinforcing security around the awareness campaign teams." He also said that not a single area will be untouched by security forces as their goal is to protect the health workers.

Local organizations are also helping the government in strengthening the Ebola awareness campaign. Churches and mosques around Conakry linked in the educational effort after the government requested.   Read More....


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