Thursday, 25 September 2014

Injection of $108m for Rural Development Programme in Ghana

The International Fund for Agricultural Development has fortified $108m loan for the third phase of the Rural Development Programme (REP) and will be applied by the African Development Programme.

Mr. Kweku Rickett Hagan, the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, said at the opening session of a three-day workshop based on the third phase of the REP, in Sunyani that additional amount of $64m will be funded by the Government through counter funding. He also said that the district assemblies are responsible for the productive activities of any group or person, as well as it is their duty to remove any obstacle coming in between the growth of small and medium enterprises. He also included that this was the reason why the government has started policies like REP, Ghana Reduction Strategy and the Ghana’s shared Growth and Development Agenda. Read More....


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