Monday, 1 December 2014

Power Nigeria presenting new options for Nigeria’s lingering power problems

Nigeria’s commercial capital city of Lagos last month (October) hosted this year’s edition of the annual Nigeria’s international power event called Power Nigeria. The event which was an exhibition and conference attracted exhibitors, enthusiasts and professionals in the power sector, specifically those involved in power, lighting, renewable, nuclear and water.

The challenges of power generation, distribution and supply are among the major fundamental challenges the country is facing. For a population that exceeds 170 million, the nation’s various power stations are still striving to generate 5,000 megawatts of electricity while South Africa with less than 10% of Nigeria’s population is generating over 50,000 megawatts and is planning to generate more.

The inadequate power supply in Nigeria has led to incessant power outages with a large proportion of the population including the Presidential Villa relying on other sources of power especially fuel-powered electricity generating sets. Several lives have been lost as a result of carbon monoxide intoxication due to overexposure to fumes produced by the popular generators in Nigeria. It is therefore the goal of governments at all levels and other stakeholders to find new ways of tackling the power challenges facing Nigeria with the goal of increasing the amount of power and making them available at cheaper costs to more Nigerians and citizens of neighboring countries. Read More...


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