Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Compensation Fee £55m?

The settlement is the largest out-of-court settlement for an oil spill in Nigeria. Even if it is nothing if equated with the original £300m claimed by the Bodo community. £35m out of the £55m will be split evenly among the 15,600 Bodo individuals, the remaining £20m will go into a trust fund for projects such as health clinics and schools.

"It's very unusual to have thousands benefit," Martin Day, senior partner at Leigh Day said. "The money will go directly to their bank accounts and this will hopefully be a model for future claims."

Leigh Day is the law firm that is handling the case for the Bodo community. The leaks are also sometimes credited to armed gangs but Shell has acknowledged the responsibility of the leak, and settled that the leak was caused due to corrosion. Read More...


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