Friday, 9 January 2015

Improving Electricity Supply in Nyeri, Kenya

Power Technology Solutions Limited, a local power company has intended to start producing electricity from renewable sources to lift the energy sector in Kenya. The company plans to start production at three new sites in the Nyeri County.

"It is notified to the general public that Power Technology Solutions Limited, a company incorporated in the republic of Kenya intends to apply for a power generation licence after sixty days of expiration of this notice," said a statement released by the company, "The generation will be on different operating regimes including wind, solar and water."
The existence of various small scale industries and tea plantations in Nyeri makes it a profitable location for electricity production.

The Kenyan government is looking at reducing electricity prices to facilitate small scale industries in the country. The government also planned to introduce ecofriendly methods of producing electricity. The government also intends to be able to produce 5000MW of electricity by the year 2017.


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