Monday, 5 January 2015

Markets regain N12.760 billion after facing decline

The Nigerian stock exchange recently recorded a surprizing turnover of 1.860 billion shares worth N12.760 billion. This came after an extraordinary decline in the market over the past, with the market hitting a two-year low in the previous week.

Particularly at the closing of the trading week before Christmas, the financial service industry revitalised, gaining almost 1.110 billion shares valued at N6.369 billion. It was trailed by the conglomerates industry with a turnover of 467.595 million shares. The Consumer Goods Industry was on the third position with 85.970 million shares worth N2.392 billion.

A total of 36,241 units of Exchange Traded Products (ETP’s) with a value of N627,306.22 were also traded during the week.

The market also saw a surge in events due to the strategic deal in Union Bank Plc shares by the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON). Read More...


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