Thursday, 15 January 2015

Miss Seychelles…Another World 2015 contest to focus on “beauty with a purpose”

Beauty is not just about the physical appearance, but it is also the inner qualities that one possesses. This is the strong message that the Seychelles Tourism Board wants to pass on to the future young ladies who wish to take part in the Miss Seychelles…Another World contest and become the country’s beauty queen and ambassador.

For the second year, the Seychelles Tourism Board is focusing on beauty with a purpose for the Miss Seychelles…Another World 2015 contest.

This year’s beauty contest was officially launched by the Seychelles Tourism Board’s Chief Executive Sherin Naiken during a press conference with the local media representatives.

Miss Seychelles…Another World was re-launched in 2012 with Sherlyn Furneau taking the crown home. In 2013, Miss Furneau crowned her successor Agnes Gerry as the country’s beauty queen.

“The Seychelles Tourism Board will this year focus on other aspects of beauty, not just the physical appearance. We will emphasize on the beauty with a purpose project, artistic and sports talents,” Miss Naiken said.

Last year, contestants competed for the Miss Talent and Miss Sports title, and the winners were then announced and crowned during the pageant night.

She added that all these aspects are part of the Miss World contest and serve as a plus for the one who will represent Seychelles at this international pageant. Read More...


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