Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Rwanda steps up control of mine clearing, tracing

KIGALI (TOA) -- The Rwandan government on Monday indicated it has stepped up control of mine clearing operations in the country with a view to ensuring effective work and checking abuses.

The Rwanda's State minister in charge of Mining at the Ministry of Natural Resources, Evode Imena told reporters in Kigali that a national plan had been drafted to regulate mine clearing and oblige operators abide to rules.

"We must stop certain de-mining companies from acting like tourists," Imena said, charging that some companies were "clearing" areas not known to contain mines, then declaring them "mine-free".

The declaration of Rwandan official comes after the mining sector in the East African nation has been ranked ad the 2nd export earner of foreign currency with export earnings that grew from US$40 million up to US$226 million between 2006 and 2013 from minerals
Official statistics show that the country now has more than 500 licensed mining companies and cooperatives carrying out prospection, exploration or mining at more than 648 sites across the country.  Read More...


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