Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Internet of vehicles – BMW brings Connected Drive come to Africa in March 2015

When the BMW i3 and BMW i8 go on sale in South Africa in March 2015 they will have a built-in connection to the Internet. It will be able to make intelligent emergency calls offering the exact location of the car and real-time traffic updates. Russell Southwood looks at whether this is simply a high-end import or whether this kind of on-board connectivity has implications for Africa.

I was getting a ride back from a meeting recently in South Africa in a manager’s high-end car. He took the speed bumps as we left the venue rather too quickly. A few minutes later his insurers rang him to get him to identify himself as the driver of the vehicle and whether he was all right or not.

The new BM vehicles will come with a built-in communications box into which a SM card is inserted and the service is called Connected Drive. Although Edward Makwana, ‎Manager: Group Automotive Communications, BMW South Africa was reluctant to say how many of these kinds of vehicles might sell into the market, it’s clear they will number in the tens of thousands. BMW will not be the only brand that adopts this kind of service. These on-board Internet services will add to the overall demand for data. BMW suggests that 2015 it will have 5 million of these connected cars globally. Read More...


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