Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Unemployed Students Owners of Successful Wine Brand

A group of young graduates from the University of Rwanda have efficaciously created a wine brand, Vinas Pineapple Wine. The wine is created by Coprodemu, which is short for Cooperative Des Promoteurs de Development de Muhanga.

Coprodemu was introduced by 25 young graduates from the University of Rwanda after failed attempts in finding a job. The group was inspired to create wine as they felt that the local wines available are not of the requisite standards.

The long search for jobs ended in vain and the idea to create Coprodemu took birth. Scholastique Nyiramajyambere, the group chairman said, “We conceived the idea out of despair. We had graduated but the jobs were not forthcoming. We then thought of coming up with a business idea. Wine brewing was something we all had in common.” Read More...


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