Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Concept of Using E-business and Online Marketing for Companies

The Concept of Using E-business and Online Marketing for CompaniesAbstract: The use of information technologies in the economy improves operational efficiency of companies. The Internet became an essential tool for successful trading in local and international markets. A new concept of e-business will have significant impact on the future economic development of the country. The establishment of the Ministry of e-business would be a big step towards innovative development of the state.

Effective business is based on the philosophy of marketing concept penetrating into all branches and management systems of the company and acting as the basis for creating its integral competitive and positive public image. This is a key management target for any business. However, in some cases, marketing concepts are considered and implemented only within the Marketing Department, which brings unsatisfactory results for the whole company.

That is why before using any innovations or modernization we should evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s management and the concept of relationship marketing.

However, we cannot ignore the increasingly larger role of information technologies, e-business, and Internet marketing in the improvement of business efficiency in national and international markets. Read More...


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