Tuesday, 17 March 2015

How technology can help African businesses transform their HR and payroll functions

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African organizations are coming under enormous pressure to implement automated payroll and HR solutions so that they can keep pace with global competition and the growing demands of tax authorities and regulators.

That’s according to Gerhard Hartman, Head of Department, Sage HR Africa, who says many African businesses – especially mid-sized enterprises – must replace legacy systems and automate manual processes to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market. This is especially the case as African companies find themselves competing against multinationals with established IT infrastructure and as governments throughout Africa put in place more stringent labour and tax laws.

According to the Sierra-Cedar 2014–2015 HR Systems Survey White Paper – 97% of companies worldwide have adopted payroll applications. And the whitepaper revealed that over 50% of the Survey respondents of all sizes were planning to increase spending on HR technology in the year ahead. “This shows that African businesses that don’t modernise their environments risk falling behind the trend,” says Hartman. 

Hartman says that the tighter tax and regulatory environment makes it vital for African organisations to put in place solutions that streamline keeping records and doing payroll calculations. Such solutions ease the process of catering for payroll deductions such as social security and tax incentives. They also make it simpler to keep track of yearly changes to tax regulations that impact on payroll tax calculations.

“Without an automated payroll solution, most businesses will find it difficult to perform accurate calculations and file tax submissions on time,” Hartman says. “With African governments putting more focus on governance and tax compliance than ever before, responsible companies must have robust and accurate ways to capture and report on payroll and HR data.” Read More...


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