Friday, 20 March 2015

Rwanda has 'fulfilled 80% of UN rights recommendations'

Gacaca court committeeRwanda will in November appear before the UN Human Rights Council to defend its human rights record as part of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), and it is particularly expected to give an update on the recommendations made in the previous review.

UPR is a state-driven process that involves a review of the human rights record of all UN member states.
In 2011, Rwanda accepted to implement 67 UNHRC recommendations relating to human rights practices in the country and, according to Justice Minister Johnston Busingye, much progress has been made.

“Today, we are happy to be at over 80 per cent of implementation of the recommendations. We don’t count the UPR process as simply a submission of report or as implementation of recommendation; we count it as something which Rwandans need, a public good for Rwandans, so when we are doing this, we are not looking at satisfying anyone in Geneva,” said Busingye referring to the UNHRC headquarters.

Although Rwanda accepted to take on the recommendations in 2011, the country started the review in June last year and, as of today, according to the justice minister, 55 of the recommendations have been fully implemented.
“Twelve of them are in the process; among these include nine that will be fully implemented by April 30 and three recommendations might remain work in progress even after we have submitted our report,” Busingye, who is also the Attorney-General, said. Read More...


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