Tuesday, 28 April 2015

India-Africa Health Forum 2015

India-Africa Health Forum
The India-Africa Health Forum was organized on April 24, 2015 as a part of the Global Exhibition on Services, a first of its kind event. The health forum saw in attendance ministers and high level authorities from many Africa nations, talking and discussing about their healthcare policies and also prospects for partnership with India.

The forum saw four sessions namely, “Affordable, Accessible & Preventive Healthcare”, “Scope of Private Investment in Medical Services in Africa”, “Financing the Healthcare Opportunities in Africa” and “Session on Alternative Medical Practices of India: Potential collaboration with Africa”.

The first session on “Affordable, Accessible & Preventive Healthcare” saw dignitaries talking about medical tourism. Among the dignitaries, the session saw Hon. Dr. Kebwe Stephen Kebwe, Deputy Minister for Health and Social Welfare, Govt. of Tanzania; Hon’ble Dr. Chitalu Chilufya, Deputy Minister of Health, Govt. of Zambia; Dr. Americo Assan, Adviser to Minister of Health, Govt. of Mozambique among others. India is slowly emerging as a hub of medical tourism due to its high skilled labour and comparatively cheap prices, thus making it a favorable destination for many patients from Africa looking for affordable and accessible medical services.

The forum provided an opportunity for Indian healthcare providers to interact with leaders from African Government, civil society, and the private sector to discuss on specific projects for collaboration in the health sector.

Without doubt, private sector is a major source of investment in the healthcare industry in Africa. Public resources in Africa are limited, and that is where the private sector steps in. The second session during the India-Africa healthcare forum, Scope of Private Investment in Medical Services in Africa, saw private industry players and government officials discussing the need and scope of private investment in healthcare in Africa, with a stress on the need to increase Indian investment in African healthcare sector.

The forum aimed at giving many African nations a platform to showcase their investment opportunities. Healthcare being one of the fastest growing sectors both in India and Africa, steps in boosting indo-Africa partnership in the healthcare sector are a must for stronger India-Africa ties.


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