Thursday, 23 April 2015

Rwanda to evacuate citizens from South Africa, amid violence

Rwanda to evacuate citizens from South Africa, amid violenceKIGALI (TOA) - Following xenophobic protests that started three weeks ago, targeting shops and homes of foreign nationals in South Africa, the Rwandan government is set to evacuate its citizens from the "violence", according the East African nation's High Commissioner to South Africa, Vincent Karega.

The Rwandan diplomat in South Africa was quoted as saying that so far, a group of five Rwanda nationals in South Africa have indicated interest to return home.

It is expected that those willing to be evacuated, will undergo screening at the Rwandan embassy in the South African capital city Pretoria, to authenticate their citizenship before being evacuated.

Karega also also said that the embassy is working with other relevant agencies to ensure that Rwandans in South Africa are brought back home.

Though the diplomat did not state the actual number of Rwandans in South Africa, he explained that majority of them do not wish to come back home.

"We can't also estimate the numbers [of Rwandan nationals]who are residing in South Africa but we are aware that some have settled there long time ago. We also know those who have registered with our embassy and those who have come forward and say they are Rwandans," the Rwandan diplomat was quoted as saying. Read More...


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