Friday, 15 May 2015

Yet each man kills the things he love

The famous author and poet, Oscar Wilde once wrote: Yet each man kills the things he love.  We humans have been proving that right since time immemorial.

A glaring example of the same has to be Sudan, world’s only existing Northern white Male Rhinoceros which is being guarded by armed guards 24/7 for a fear that poachers might kill him for his tusk. It is on Sudan to avoid his species from being extinct by mating with the two female rhinos that live in the Ol Pejeta conservancy where Sudan is being guarded. If he fails to procreate, and the chances seem slim as he is already 42 and attempts at mating have failed in the past, there will be no white rhinos of any kind in the world. Currently, there are only 5 white rhinos that exist in the world, 4 of which are females.

The news of Sudan being protected by armed guards may have drawn ‘awws’ from around the world, but the point of revelation here is the cruelty of us humans for the reckless and incessant killing of such precious animals. 

Africa is a land of diverse flora and fauna. In a continent where you can find a number of exotic and rare animals, it is also sadly true that the wildlife of most of the African countries is not well preserved. Over the past decade, a number of rare species of animals have gone extinct in Africa, some of them namely, The West African Black Rhino, Aalotra Grebe (an exotic bird from the remote parts of Madagascar). The world famous, African Elephant is also on the brink of extinction.

We humans love going on safaris and nature walks, we love spotting rare and exotic species and we spend thousands on such excursions, and not even once do we give a thought about the protection and preservation of these animals. Earth belongs equally to all its inhabitants, sadly we humans have forgotten that. 

Cases like Sudan’s will gather a lot of deliberation from the world community, which ofcourse is required, but what more is required is to act. Act to save Sudan and its species, and many other species on the verge of extinction. Act, to not push other animal and plant species to extinction. Act!!

By Ekta Handa


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