Thursday, 30 July 2015

Concerns as Sale of Pre-Registered SIMs Boom in South East

Concerns as Sale of Pre-Registered SIMs Boom in South EastLaw enforcement agents are looking elsewhere as the unlawful sale and use of pre.-registered of SIM cards by dealers and sub-dealers of telecommunications products thrive in the South East, Nigeria CommunicationsWeek investigation has shown.

Involvement in illegal sale and use of pre.-registered SIM card attracts both fine and imprisonment in the country.

This act is fuelling  fears  in  security  and  GSM  regulatory  circles  that  this  will  negate  current efforts to  get  the  true  identity  of  mobile  phone  users  in  Nigeria.

It therefore stands to reason that if a good number of SIM cards that cannot be identified with the rightful owners and users are allowed to circulate in the country, the purpose of the registration could be jeopardised.

Nigeria CommunicationsWeek team that visited Umuahia the Abia, Enugu, Anambra, Ebonyi and Imo state capital noticed that most dealers in telecommunications products are offering subscribers pre-registered SIM at all the outlets visited.

The story was the same. When we refused to buy, they told us to visit any of the operators’ customer care centre where we can get unregistered SIM.

Reacting to this development, Tony Ojobo, director, Public Affairs, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), frowned at the development and said the law will take its course as soon as their enforcement team gets at those dealers in pre-registered SIM in the South East.

Ojobo noted that the cybercrime act frowns at it as it is a criminal offense punishable by law.

“The unfortunate thing about this is that most of these dealers don’t know the implication of what they are doing. When they are caught by law, some of the offense does not have option of fine it is only imprisonment,” he said.

According to industry experts, there is a need for NCC and the Mobile Network operators to step up education on pre-registered SIM to the populace.Read More...


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