Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Huawei Launches Agile Network, IPv6 Ready Solutions in Nigeria

Huawei Launches Agile Network, IPv6 Ready Solutions in NigeriaHuawei, a leading global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider, at its ‘Huawei Network Congress (HNC) West Africa 2015’ in Lagos gathered the ICT community sharing its vision, knowledge and experience of ICT transformation trends, challenges and latest technologies, launched agile network solutions and running on internet protocol version six (IPv6).

HNC 2015 was themed "From Agility to Imagination” focusing on “introducing SDN technology” and “upgrading customer experience”. More than 200 stakeholders from Banks, Power DisCos, Government and channel partners etc, were in attendance at the HNC 2015 including CEOs, CTOs, analysts and others.

Huawei's Agile Network is the industry's first network centered on services, users, and experiences. Since its rollout in 2013, Huawei Agile Network has been deployed in nearly 200 networks for commercial use in seven (7) industries: government, finance, medical services, large enterprise, transport, education, and broadcast media.

Huawei’s Agile Network has helped customers build multiple high-profile solutions such as intelligent transport, wireless cities, smart shopping malls, and smart travel. HNC 2015 is the forum being used to share and discuss with industry partners the practices and future of the Agile Network, with the aim of helping enterprises to quickly enter the age of agility.

“We are now in a fast-changing era where Cloud computing, Big Data, and Software-defined networking (SDN) are no strangers to us. As mobility, Bring your own device (BYOD) , and digital social networking become terms commonly used in our work and life, the rapid changes of this era are more and more evident. In such an era, IT capability is becoming an extremely important core competency for an enterprise.”, Said Mr. Shi Weiliang, vice president of Huawei West Africa Region, in the keynote address of NHC 2015.

Shi added, “Huawei’s Agile Network focuses on services and user experience instead of technologies and connectivity, and implements a tremendous transformation from 'best effort ‘to 'all in control’. Huawei will continue to put forth innovative business models, and enable networks to be more agile for services, to help enterprises build their own differentiated competitiveness in a better connected world."

The ICT industry's first agile switch, Huawei S12700, was highlighted on HNC 2015. The S12700 agile switch was designed with services, users, and experience in mind, and can support customization on demand. The S12700 shortens service provisioning time from two years to one month and fault location from two weeks to several seconds, and is capable of identifying failure points down to the chip level. Based on agile technology, the whole network can be virtualized into a super chassis switch, significantly simplifying network deployment and management.

At HNC 2015, Huawei has broadened the scope of its Agile Network Solution and is showcasing an end-to-end Agile Network architecture. This more comprehensive architecture consists of agile campus, cloud data center, and high-efficient WAN sub-solutions. It meets requirements of mobility, cloud computing, social media, big data, and Internet of Things (IoT), and brings new benefits to enterprises.

On his part, XueBin Zhu, enterprise network solution director, Huawei, said that campus network infrastructure is evolving rapidly due to the dynamic nature of enterprise mobility and BYOD rollouts, cloud services and applications, real time multi-media and UC applications. Aside that, Zhu added that the need for a comprehensive approach to security across enterprise IT infrastructure- providing enterprises with the agility to support business and application needs continue to arise. Read More...


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