Thursday, 17 September 2015

Lubumbashi prepares for Katanga Mining Week: free workshops, new technologies, high-level conference

Press Release-Lubumbashi prepares for Katanga Mining Week: free workshops, new technologies, high-level conferenceThe DRC’s mining community, as well as global partners, investors and suppliers, will meet up for the sixth edition of Katanga Mining Week at the Grand Karavia in Lubumbashi from 20-21 October. The event will focus on the local challenges of the province as the hub of copper and cobalt mining in the DRC as well as the role of the mining industry in social development responsibilities. Ivanhoe Mines is this year’s diamond sponsor for Katanga Mining Week. Says Mr Mr. Louis Watum, Executive Director of Ivanhoe Mines: “now that we are in a downturn, it is good to remember that mining cycles always present ups and downs, and this is the best time to invest and seek to improve operational efficiencies so that we can remain competitive”.

Workshops and expo The Katanga Mining Week event director Nicole Smith says: “we acknowledge the need for mine personnel to get the best training possible from our experts, as the efficiency of their work on site is a pre requisite to improve the quality of the operations in the field. We are offering free technical workshops on the expo floor again and will focus on the latest blasting technics as this was a hot topic last year and a crucial part the open sky mining expertise. Other topics on the workshop agenda are maintenance of machinery and health and safety which will include making staff aware of the risks of malaria and ways to prevent it.”

Nicole adds: “this year’s Katanga Mining Week’s key partners, exhibitors and sponsors will be providing those training workshops for free, including Ivanhoe, Onlime, Schlumberger and Spraying Systems.

Furthermore, the indoor and outdoor expo will showcase the latest technology, hardware and software, enough to excite and inspire any mining professional!” The conference sessions will be dedicated to: “infrastructure, the railways, the fiscal regime and the daily challenges that the mining operators encounter will be addressed and the specifics of the environment regulation will be elaborated on.

Power and key solutions for the Katanga province will have a dedicated session; this is to help boost the production of copper and cobalt.” Speaker highlights and sneak preview of the conference at Katanga Mining Week: Power Focus Day, 19 October: Case study: incentivising energy savings through low consumption lamps - Charles Carron Brown, COO of Tiger Resources – The Kipoi Mine:

“Let’s work together to fix the power. Tiger is investing $33 million to improve the 120kV network and carry out an energy efficiency project – everyone wins with this! Ordinary households get better power and light, there will be fewer power cuts, there will be more power available for SNEL to sell, more power available for the mining industry, in particular for SEK, and in the end the government will collect more taxes since the operating costs of all the miners will be reduced. This is also a significant environmental benefit. That is seven wins. Not just the normal Win-Win.” Read More...


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