Monday, 7 September 2015

Samsung Launches Smart Signage TV for SMEs’ Customer Engagement

Samsung Electronics has launched its new Smart Signage TV, an all-in-one digital signage solution designed for small and medium scale business owners, in Nigeria. According to the technology giant, the solution combines the functionality of a television with built-in management software for creating personalised promotional content to increase sales and improve customer loyalty and retention.

A highly reliable commercial display solution, Samsung Smart Signage TV has been optimized for shop owners’ needs. Unlike conventional TVs, businesses can divide the display screen into multiple sections and show a wide range of materials that can be utilized to show promotional banners and menus using videos, images, and texts. The solution’s embedded content management system also makes it easy to create and display promotions from remote locations using a mobile device.

Mr. Charles Ojei, director of Samsung Electronics West Africa’s Enterprise Business Division, said the new smart signage solution is designed to provide small and medium enterprises with all that they require to get up and running with digital signage. “At Samsung, we understand the unique challenges that small business owners face when it comes to selecting and implementing technology, and we built this product to address the market need for a cost-effective, easy-to-manage, professional-grade solution that is better suited for these environments. With Samsung Smart Signage TV, we’re giving SMEs the power to enhance their customer communications and enable them to create more personalized content to drive conversations that extend long after a customer leaves the store to keep them coming back. The solution helps to turn on Your Business,” he said.

Head of Samsung Electronics West Africa’s Enterprise Display Unit, Mr. Anu-Rotimi Agboola also elucidated further on the new product. “Available in 40-inch and 48-inch models, Samsung’s smart signage TV provides a complete platform for displaying digital content on promotions, sharing educational information about products and services, and broadcasting live TV for customer entertainment. Business owners can wirelessly connect to the TV from their laptop, tablet or mobile device to instantly publish and update content, or load new content using a USB drive. The solution boasts over 200 free templates for creating personalized signage designs and split-screen content. It is ideal for use in restaurants, bars/lounge, supermarkets, salons, gyms, drycleaners, hospitals and more,” he said.

Other features that make the solution a must have for business owners include MagicInfo Express, a built-in content management software that shop owners can use to update customers with information on discounts, shop hours, special events and other promotional information. MagicInfo Mobile, which allows businesses to make quick updates or upload photos of promotional materials directly from their Android or iOS mobile device; wireless capability via its built-in WiFi service that eliminates cable clutter and enables seamless connectivity with various external devices and a three year warranty with dedicated service and support. Read More...


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