Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Zanzibar celebrates safe rural water with the African Development Bank

Zanzibar celebrates safe rural water with the African Development BankThe President of Zanzibar, on his tour of the island archipelago, has praised the Isles Ministry for the improvements to the lives of the islanders, made possible by the African Development Bank’s Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Initiative (RWSSI) program.

Zanzibar President Ali Mohamed Shein was speaking at the inauguration of the Water and Environment Conservation Project in Taifa village, Wete District, on North Pemba Island on August 25.

Thanks to the Bank-funding project, 76 per cent of Zanzibar islanders, the vast majority of whom live in rural areas, now have access to safe water. In the first half of 2015, the AfDB completed its second fiveyear program to improve water and sanitation conditions in Zanzibar. The US $54-million program was largely financed by an African Development Fund loan of over US $40 million and a grant of almost US $5 million from the AfDB’s RWSSI Trust Fund. The Government of Tanzania and UN-HABITAT, the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, also supported the Zanzibar initiative for improved water and sanitation.

The Zanzibar water and sanitation program supported the construction of 9 rural water supply schemes in the regions of Unguja and Pemba. Thanks to the project, 64 new boreholes and 24 rainwater harvesting points now serve the villages in these regions, providing access to safe water to schools in those areas. No fewer than 125,000 school children have benefited from the new facilities. Read More...


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