Thursday, 15 October 2015

LPU in India becoming Higher Education Hub for African Students

LPU in India becoming Higher Education Hub for African StudentsWith strong expansion of diplomatic and commercial representations between African nations and India, both have come closer as one of the largest trading partners to one another. As per India's commitment for continuous development of Africa, trade between both the partners, India & Africa, has grown exponentially during the past decade. With firm support, India is enabling Africa to realize that Africa is to be a major growth pole of the world in the 21st century. Many of the renowned Indian firms are also venturing into resource-rich continent-Africa. Seeing India’s interest to nurture growth in several African nations, African youth has also much adoration for India. On these solid grounds of closeness, a large flow of African students is ever seen to enroll at reputed Indian institutions for higher education.

  • African students from 20+ countries are enrolled at LPU for programs in different disciplines of their preferences
  • LPU attracts students from 50+ countries
  • African students preferring LPU in North Zone for rich culture, wider English speaking community, healthy weather conditions and allied things

Previously a lot of national and international students used to enroll for higher education at educational institutions in Southern Part of India. Presently this trend has altogether been reversed with students preferring institutions in Northern India, particularly in Punjab. In this regard, Lovely Professional University in Punjab has emerged as higher education hub for both national and international students as near 30,000 of them are presently at LPU campus receiving education in programs under different disciplines of their choices. At present, near 1500 African students from 20+ African countries including Ghana, Sudan, Cameroon, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, Nigeria, Mauritius, South Africa and more are studying at LPU.

African students have preferred LPU in North Zone for rich culture, wider English speaking community, healthy weather conditions, rich food, accommodation, brotherhood, and allied things. Obviously, these students have discarded that picture of Southern institutions which was imprinted vaguely in the mind set-ups of them and their parents. Present era is fast developing with the daily adoptions of newer technology in knowledge dissemination. LPU is ever keen to be up to date in adoption and immediate implementation of novel trends for the ultimate benefits of the students. With latest security and safety measures installed at LPU are providing an advantageous environment to the international students for getting well adjusted amid diverse community. Similarly, University Management System (UMS) of LPU is liked equally by students, teachers and parents as all doings at LPU can be noted from anywhere in the world by any of the entitled entities. Parents are enthusiastically appreciative about such phenomenal technology through which they can easily track the growth of their wards even sitting thousands of miles away. Read More...


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