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"3rd India-Africa forum summit will launch new era of partnership"

"3rd India-Africa forum summit will launch new era of partnership"THE INDIAN IDEOLOGY FOR AFRICA OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is out to make a strong point to the international community from now when his government will host India's biggest ever diplomatic manifestation at New Delhi's Indira Gandhi Stadium: The 3rd India Africa Forum Summit. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his happiness on hosting the India-Africa Forum Summit 2015, saying it is a reflection of a desire to engage more intensively for a better future. This year’s summit is set to mark a departure from IAFS-I (2008) and IAFSII (2011) held under the regime of the previous government.  

arendra Modi looks at the India Africa Forum Summit as one of his most noteworthy diplomatic rendezvous since he took over as the Prime Minister of India. Representatives of 54 African nations including heads of state and government of around 40 countries and powerful African Union are anticipated to participate in the four-day Summit beginning October 26. Intensifying trade ties will be a major focus area at the summit which will see participation of over 400 business delegates from Africa besides all major Indian Chambers of Commerce.  

It’s Time for Modimania in Africa
Mr. Modi’s “Make in India” campaign will require customers of Indian-made products and Africa’s contribution as an importer of such goods which is vital for the campaign’s success, as “Make in India” is a bold move and will without a doubt be used to judge the performance of India in the next 2-3 years as a benchmark of the economic reforms. Come, Make in India'! Mr. Modi's fast-growing thrust to recover an ailing manufacturing sector, has found vibrancy with India Inc. Single-window clearances, minimal procedures & cutting out of any red-tapism - Mr. Modi sees "Make in India" as a vital push for employment & growth. Skill endowment and job creation in 25 key industries will be comprehended under this plan for able youth development and pertinent training in certain key areas. These industries include roads and highways, construction, defence development and automobiles among others.  

Africa, gifted with plentiful natural resources, low labor cost along with other factors can make this continent as a manufacturing hub, hence reproducing this concept in most of the African countries would be a success. The time has actually come for Africa to become the world's manufacturing hub. Come, let's "Make in Africa"! From Ghana in the west to Mozambique in the south, African economies are constantly growing faster than almost any other region of the world. At least a dozen of them have flourished by more than 6% GDP growth a year in the last seven to eight years. If you look at Ethiopia, which was once labeled as a famine country, it has developed by 7.5% last year without a drop of oil to export and is now the world’s tenth largest producer of livestock. Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi is indeed fervent for Africa.

The new air of Modi madness has been on full display in Africa as well.   No doubt, Gujaratis are curiously energetic at doing business in Africa. Gujarat's historic and geographic lead has moulded a network of traders, and a Modi-led government is working to apply this network to expand wider Indian trade ties with Africa.   Africa is a strong partner to India and its bond is based on mutual respect and assistance. The history narrates that Africa and India always work side-by-side in key international issues. In a speech last October, Mr. Modi claimed, “I believe a strong economy is the driver of an effective foreign policy....we have to put our own house in order so that the world is attracted to us.” The need for a robust economy is supreme for Mr. Modi’s India. The economy will drive Mr. Modi’s government in domestic and foreign agenda, and New Delhi’s determinations on the African continent imitates this. India’s interests are expected to be bound up more and more with the growth of African economies.

It is likely that the language of a ‘Rejuvenated India’ will become enmeshed with the grand and opportune narrative of a ‘Rising Africa’.   Fascinatingly, an excellent new study submits that the secret of Mr. Modi’s success place in agriculture, an area completely overlooked by political analysts. It’s domineering to highlight, at this point, that agriculture is vital for sub-Saharan Africa’s growth and for accomplishing the Millennium Development Goal of halving poverty. The implication of agribusiness for wealth formation in Africa has been extensively recognized in recent years. There is no doubt that Africa is well braced to become the Future Food Basket of the World and is certainly the way to wealth in Africa.  

Africa is currently very significant for India. Apart from the fact that the continent has a wealth of natural resources, Africa also signifies a huge market for Indian investors, much of which remains untapped. There’s no denying the fact that China has taken a march over India in this respect. Nonetheless, Mr. Modi’s government is fully charged up to engage in deft diplomacy – and ready to make huge forays in Africa.  

Investment Destination of Choice
Africa has ambitiously shed the stereotype of a "Hopeless Continent” and become a "Cape of Good Hope,” with six of the world’s fastestgrowing economies positioned in Sub-Saharan Africa and more than thirty African countries becoming effective democracies. Add to this powerful blend, the demographic dividend, shared out by both India and Africa, with the mainstream of their population in the age group 19-35. The arrival of a new generation of quality-conscious middle class consumers has augmented the attraction quotient of both Africa and India. What it all complements is that new gates are set to be unlocked for up scaling bilateral trade and investment, adding to economic influence of both sides.  

Africa is a fruity and juicy bag full of positivity and avidity – equipped to seize the attention of masses – it is so big and vast that it’s tough to distinguish where to initiate in elucidating its exquisiteness. It is now firmly positioned as a global investment destination of choice. Africa is indeed a continent that is looking for partners and not donors. The continent's natural decor, warm people, long history and affluent and unique flora and fauna have fascinated many tourists. It is actually tough to elucidate the charm and charisma of this vast continent – brimming up with opportunities in terms of trade & tourism. Read More...


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