Friday, 6 November 2015

mPAD & Nigeria Manufacturing Expo - Where Nigerian Manufacturing Future Will Be Shaped

mPAD & Nigeria Manufacturing Expo - Where Nigerian Manufacturing Future Will Be ShapedWhat does it take to increase Nigeria’s local production? mPAD – Manufacturing Partnerships for African Development hosted at the Nigeria Manufacturing Expo, Lagos
“Encouraging the development and growth of the manufacturing sector is the surest way to diversify the economy as the sector is essential to job creation, sustained growth and development of other key sectors such as agriculture, solid minerals among others,” says the president of the Manufacturers’ Assocation of Nigeria (MAN), Dr. Frank Jacobs, who will chair the mPAD* round table discussions at the Nigeria Manufacturing Expo on the 15 – 17 March 2016 in Lagos.

* (Manufacturing Partnerships for African Development)
Nigeria, one of the forerunners in Africa, has now focused its efforts on expanding the manufacturing sector by implementing the Nigerian Industrial Revolution Plan, which is facilitating investment and growth within the sector. It is addressing concerns such as energy shortages, high interest rates and transport issues.

In his recent statement at the 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Manufacturers’ Association of Nigeria (MAN) in Lagos, Nigerian Vice President, Yemi Osibajo,  said: “We are creating an enabling environment for things to fall in shape. We believe the manufacturing sector is key to attaining our set objectives as government to create job opportunities for our youths. There is no way we can achieve economic growth without diversifying our economy through agriculture value chain, mining, oil and gas and the likes, but the missing link is the manufacturing sector,”

Roundtable discussions
The roundtable discussions during mPAD at NME are aimed to address challenges such as
increasing Nigeria’s local production and  how to tackle issues like factory financing mechanisms, technical workforce training, infrastructure and energy security.

Dr. Frank S. Udemba Jacobs - the President of MAN, Mr. Remi Ogunmefun - Director General of MAN and Mr. Y.S Labaran – Ag. Director of Trade for FMITI will chair the round table discussions to further steer policy and help shape the future of manufacturing in Nigeria during the mPAD sessions at theNigeria Manufacturing Expo on the 15 – 17 March 2016 in Lagos. To drive the policy and  strategic level discussions in line with the Nigeria Industrial Revolution Plan, mPAD will host Federal Government Agencies, ECOWAS Officials, the MAN Executive Committee, International Trade Departments and Export Councils as well as C-level Industrialists and Financiers. Read More...


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