Thursday, 17 December 2015

The top five luxurious hotels in Tanzania

The top five luxurious hotels in TanzaniaOf all the reasons you should never miss adventures in Tanzania, the presence of unique luxurious hotels and great resorts take the foremost place. These hotel rooms are more related with the nature or background of the destinations. JovagoTanzania shares the top 5 luxurious hotels that make for a relaxing getaway this holiday season.  

Manta Resort, Pemba
At this hotel you will find a paradise. The underwater room is 13 feet under the Indian Ocean; this is the first of its kind in Tanzania and even east Africa. It is the perfect spot to enjoy the underwater paradise of Tanzania, surrounded by the tropical marine environment.  

Essque Zalu, Zanzibar
Essque Zalu, is located on the north eastern coast of Indian Ocean, the hotel has the attractive villas and executive suites. It is built with local traditional material on the roof, exquisite gardens and outdoors furniture. The hotel located in Nungwi where Tanzania’s most beautiful beaches are found.  

Singita sasakwa Lodge, Serengeti
Occupying more than 300,000 acres, the exquisite hotel rooms overlooks the Serengeti national park plains. The lodge was built with incorporated stone walls and verandas. What a perfect moment to enjoy the wildlife!  

Park Hyatt, Zanzibar
It’s a perfect way to enjoy the Zanzibar architecture; the hotel gives room for travelers to experience the culture and spectacular views of the oceanfront in the heart of stone town. Read More...


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