Thursday, 3 December 2015

Travelling Solo is easier than you can imagine

Travelling Solo is easier than you can imagineMany people across the world travel with companions who make them fully comfortable and relaxed through their trip because they feel secured. The travel companions can range from friends, school mates, workmates to family members who stand as their backup during the tour. This prior experience makes people who have never travelled solo quite frightened when travelling to new destinations, of course there are pros and cons of travelling alone but this shouldn’t be a bottleneck to your solo trip, it is a chance to indulge yourself fully. Jovago Tanzania, hotel booking website gives some important tips to bear in mind for the finest journey of your destination.

Plan and research
Before you depart, do some advance arrangements, look at your pocket first, choose the best day for tour, also try to be updated with the special packages on holidays like Christmas, New Year and many other holidays, it is also necessary to find tour operators and the best deals when hotel booking.

Try to arrive during the day
It is important to plan arriving during the day, this will help you be familiar with the environment. Learn how to talk with strangers, smile and start a conversation don’t forget to be curious and always ask  open-ended questions and follow-up questions.

Be curious
Try to find some new places you have never visited before, this will keep you exploring and busy with the new adventure. Tanzania has a full of historical sites and game reserves, there are so many tribes to discover in each region where you can travel and learn different cultures.

Safety is a paramount priority.
It is quite obvious that the foremost concern of the solo traveler is safety. When travelling to new destinations,  one is rather vulnerable in the new environment. Discover how long it takes from the airport to your hotel, use the hotel transport or ask for a trusted taxi driver from the hotel to pick you up whenever you need transport.

Take with you the identification cards.
Identifications cards states who you are and where you come from, it will not be hard to find if you in times of crisis. This makes it easier for the good Samaritan or the concerned government to report directly to your national embassy in case of emergency. Read More...


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