Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Digitized Zimbabwe launching Digital TV by March

Digitized Zimbabwe launching Digital TV by MarchAt the launch of the content production phase of the Zimbabwe digitalization programme in Harare Information, Media and Broadcasting Service Deputy Minister Thokozile Mathuthu articulated that Government is now committed to digitalization and it has been assured by the endeavor put into building transmission infrastructure across the country.   Deputy Minister Mathuthu said while Government was in the progression of meeting the technical side of digitalization, it was the content side that mattered most. "Broadcasting is not about technicians or engineers, but it is about content, if we have no content to show on our television channels, then we may just as well forget about broadcasting”.  

"The solution is not to look for content beyond our borders. No! The solution is to produce our own local content which is beyond reproach and matches international standards, if not better. "We have to produce content for our country, for the region and beyond as we market ourselves as Zimbabweans in the global village in the long run." She added, Zimbabweans are solicitously waiting to feel the outcome of digitalization.   Zimbabwe is set to launch its first digital television by March this year. Government commended television complacent producers to ensure that after digitalization there is going to be bounteous to broadcast. There will be 12 high definition (HD) television channel rooms from which 6 will be retained by Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation while remaining will be provided to the private broadcasters.  

Digitalization, she said, was not about ZBC alone or Government but all broadcasters who would come on board with digital migration. "In many countries that are ahead of us in this respect, the content industry employs thousands and thousands of people and generates billions of dollars in earnings”. She added, "This is the vision which my ministry has, to grow the content industry to reach those heights. We pride ourselves as a learned people, multi-skilled people, a creative people,"   Mr. George Charamba the permanent secretary was also present at the same event said Government commitment to digitalization was clear affidavit of interest in the broadcasting industry. He also said that it was a high time that local film producers sought to end Nigeria’s prevailing of the film industry throughout the continent.  

"We are not congregating to produce content for any one broadcaster. When we have done our digitalisation, we shall have 12 HD channels. With those 12 HD channels, from the perspective of Government, I am not interested in any one of them, I am interested in all of them. Which means there is no first born, there is no second born, there is no last born” said Mr. Charamba.   He said in his endeavor to legitimize the film industry, Government acquired 28 HD cameras, 20 editing suited and other equipment that would be employed out of film producers for free. So far, 15 cameras and eight editing suites are already in the country while 13 cameras and 12 editing suites are expected on January 22, 2016. Read More


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