Friday, 8 January 2016

Survive rush hours in Dar Es Salaam

Survive rush hours in Dar Es Salaam
Dar es Salaam is the largest populated city in East Africa with a population of more than four million. Due to the increasing number of immigrants and businesses activities, the city inevitably becomes so busy during the rush hours (morning and evening) due to the traffic congestion all over the city. JovagoTanzania would like share some tips on how you should escape traffic congestion that could cost you more than 2- 3 hours on the road.
Play with your timing

For the workers, it is more advisable to drive early in the morning. Traffic often starts from 6am to 8am; try to move even before or after these times. Don't be surprised if you see a lot of vehicles around 5am, they all just want to escape the traffic jam that could cost them dearly. If you have just planned to move around the city, moving around from 9am to 3pm is the perfect time, don’t stay out until 5pm as you will be stuck in traffic.

Use Bajaji
This is the most popular and best transport means if you are in rush, although they are prohibited in some parts of the town like (Posta and Kariakoo)
Try to find the alternative route
Ensure to be very careful with the prohibited roads, pay attention to the road signs properly and find the routes that will make you to reach safely.


Check the traffic news on the radio
Sometimes there could be accidents or construction activities, stay updated by listening to radio on the go. Read More...


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