Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Wildlife in Africa

WildlifeAfrican wildlife is incommensurable and wealthy. Its conglomerate vegetation has given rise to a wide range of animals including mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and insects.

Among them there are more than forty species of primate, ranging from tiny Galagos to huge Gorillas, a great variety of Antelope, Gazellles and other hoofed animals and seventy species of carnivores. More than fifteen hundred species live south of the Sahara. In addition, Africa is inhabited by the world’s fastest land animal the Cheetah, the biggest bird the Ostrich and the largest land animal the Elephant. Bird life is too is extraordinarily prosperous.

Africa’s wetland wildlife are seething with wildlife such as Crocodiles, Hippos, floodplain species such as leeches and fish including the Nile perch and Tiger fish.

African desert wildlife include the Sahara, world’s largest desert and the desert of the Horn of Africa, Kalahari and Namib.

Africa’s rainforest wildlife dominate western central Africa. The warm wet environment is home to many herbivores animals, such as Gorillas feed on leaves.

Africa’s mountain wildlife of Rwenzori, Kenya and Kilimanjaro have distinctive plants and animals.


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