Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Smartphone Business Communications Innovator RIPTec Scales-Up for Global Markets

Smartphone Business Communications Innovator RIPTec Scales-Up for Global MarketsEnters into business agreement with business growth specialist Expand Venture to lead sales drive into mature and emerging mobile markets

London, 23rd February, 2016: Following the successful launch of its smartphone app into the British small and medium sized enterprise (SME) markets in December 2015, communications specialists RIPTec today announced that it has entered into a business agreement with scale-up specialists Expand Venture to help it penetrate mature and emerging mobile markets.

Based in London, Expand Venture comprises a team of C-level ‘operators’ and senior executives from the technology, telecoms and financial services industries who have successfully scaled and exited similar businesses. The firm provides scale-up companies beyond the start-up phase with the human expertise and funding needed to generate revenue streams from new markets in the shortest timeframe.  RIPTec is now one of its portfolio companies.

RIPTec has developed a smartphone app called RIPDialer that has the potential to help SME’s end year-on-year capital investments on business communications equipment and software and allows staff to use their smartphones with the embedded app for business and personal use. SME’s need no longer buy office phones for their staff and only need pay for business calls. When personal calls are made, a user’s private number is displayed on the B leg. When business calls are made, the enterprise number is displayed at the receivers end. The app allows personal or business calls to the smartphone in an identical way.

The enterprise app has numerous features that replicate traditional office communication systems notably voicemail, auto attendant, call transfer, call forwarding, call recording and number porting. With the app embedded into an iPhone or Android smartphone, multiple phone numbers can also be loaded to make business or personal calls. A further stand-out feature is the availability of landline numbers for more than 65 countries worldwide. Existing numbers can also be transferred to the app quickly and the system is scalable enabling new contacts to be added into the smartphone office system with a few clicks.

No capital investment is needed whatsoever, allowing telecoms budgets to be allocated elsewhere in a SME’s business. The service does not impact on data usage or incur data charges. When travelling, the app connects with a country’s GSM network or can be used at Wi-Fi zones.
The RIPDialer app is a vanilla product and is distributed in the UK by the Pink Telecom Company under its App2Chat brand. Last month, Pink Telephone announced that over 400 British SME’s were already piloting the app and that it had appointed several re-sellers to sell the app to their SME customers.

“After a thorough study of the technology and potential of RIPDialer, Expand Venture sees the disruptive app as a game changer in the way that SMEs communicate reliably, both internally and externally and whatever the market,” says Branislav Trajkovski, Founder and CEO Expand Venture.

He adds: “We live in a mobile-driven world and there is no place for traditional and costly cord-based office systems. RIPDialer uses patented technology, which is not VOIP, so the reliability of calls is unmatched – inside and outside of our office. It is great for people like me who are always on the move. People call my landline in London, and I can pick up the call on my mobile whilst I’m at home, on the train or even overseas. I call people from my mobile from wherever I am, and they receive the call from our office landline number, or if I chose, my mobile number. All within a split second, with full reliability and clarity which VOIP operators cannot come near, and at a fraction of the cost.” Read more.....


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