Tuesday, 12 April 2016

15 000+ farmers and agri experts expected at Agritech Expo in Chisamba, Zambia

15 000+ farmers and agri experts expected at Agritech Expo in Chisamba, ZambiaZNFU’s mega agri event features latest technologies, new features    

Zambia’s President, Mr Edgar Lungu and the Zambian Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Mr Given Lubinda, are expected to join some 15000 emerging to commercial farmers at the third Agritech Expo Zambia, taking place from 14-16 April in the agri-hub of Chisamba. More than 145 local and international farming technology and service providers will showcase their products in what is the largest agri-event of its kind in the region. The expo includes a German, Zimbabwean and livestock pavilion.    

“We must commend the Zambia National Farmers’ Union for coming up with events like the Agritech Expo”, says Zambia’s Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, the Honourable Given Lubinda,”where farmers can meet, share experiences and information, as well as learn good agronomy tactics that can help them improve productivity. They say, if you want to walk fast, walk alone but if you want to walk far, walk together. I believe that when farmers meet at this year’s Expo they will be able to deal with their challenges.”    

The Minister adds: “we need to increase productivity in agriculture, especially among small scale farmers. The vast majority of them produce between one and 2.5 metric tonnes of maize per hectare yet they have access to seeds that have a yield potential of over 10 metric tonnes per hectare. This is why small scale farmers are still trapped in poverty.”    

ZNFU: showcasing Zambia’s agri industry Dr Evelyn Nguleka, Zambia National Farmers Union President, owners of Agritech Expo Zambia, says news features at the event this year include an “Energy Park, designed to offer you innovation and cleaner energy solutions to help you wipe away your electricity outage blues and the ever increasing costs of energy. Our extended Livestock Zone is another must-see area, for you definitely need the right stock genetics and technologies to survive climate change-induced vagaries of weather.”     

Agritech Expo Zambia will, for the first time, also feature a live irrigation centre pivot, a very critical feat as Zambian agriculture focuses and seeks to expand irrigated farming at all levels.  Dr Nguleka says “the all new 4x4 Test Track is another feature that will finally help farmers decide which 4x4 work horse is best for their farm. We have also extended the SME Zone to make sure we bring in as many agro SMEs as possible. This is important to us as we strive to show case the Zambian agricultural industry in totality.” Read more...


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