Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Affordable Honeymoon Hotels in Ghana

Affordable Honeymoon Hotels in GhanaA union between a man and a woman with the consent of both families under the ordinance of a supreme being in which the couple believe is generally termed as marriage. In the past, marriage has been perceived to be ‘’the wedding’’. Even though weddings are arguably the entry points or the ceremonies that signify the genesis of marriage, the real deal is yet to come. A few decades ago, the wedding was restricted to a few family members, friends and other invited guests. In modern day, weddings have become a very big deal with couples carefully planning the entire process and spending huge sums of money just to make it plush and memorable. One very important part of the wedding process which can be said to be the last member of the chain of events is the honeymoon. This is the period where newlyweds spend quality time together after their weddings. Most of the time people want to travel. Some prefer to go far away to different continents and countries. Others just prefer an area in their country but a bit far from home. Ideally, the best honeymoon destination is the one that you’ve always dreamt about. However, a lot of factors go into selecting the perfect honeymoon destination. Cost, accommodation, transportation, security and romantic appeal are just but a  few of these factors. Jovago, Africa’s #1 online hotel booking portal brings you a few affordable honeymoon hotels in Ghana. The selection is based on all the factors listed above. Enjoy!!!

Beige Village Golf Resort & Spa

Beige Village Golf Resort & Spa is a 4-star luxury resort located at New Abirem in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The resort boasts a 9 hole golf course gracefully wrapped around the villas to give an amazing view of the luscious palm plantations of Abenoa forest. It is a great place to stay while you tor some very interesting  tourist destinations like the Aburi Botanical gardens and the Boti falls. The Hotel provides state of the art facilities and a romantic atmosphere to build such new relationships.

Eusbett Hotel, Sunyani

Eusbett Hotel is located close to Sunyani Airport in Sunyani, Ghana. Along with an ultra modern gym, Eusbett Hotel Limited features an outdoor pool and is a 6-minute drive away from Sunyani Airport and a 5-minute drive away from major supermarkets. It is a great place to stay while you visit the Buabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary and the Kintampo waterfalls all of which are in the same region.

Birdrock Hotels , Anomabo - Central Region

Birdrock Hotels is a high end hotel situated in Anomabo, Cape Coast, Ghana. The hotel offers guests stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, and boasts an on-site gym. Birdrock hotel is off the Winneba-Cape Coast Road, a 15-minute drive away from Cape Coast Castle,, and a 5-minute drive away from Fort William and Anomabo Bus Terminal. Cape-coast is considered one of the best tourist destinations in Africa, with many beaches and fun places to hang out. This hotel provides the calmness and serenity that the new couple requires to plan for the years ahead.

Tang palace Hotel , Accra.

Tang Palace Hotel is situated in South Airport Residential Area, Ghana. The hotel boasts an outdoor swimming pool located in the middle of the hotel. An ultramodern fitness centre is available for sportive guests. Read more....


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