Friday, 27 May 2016

Africa's Appeal as a Mice market

Africa's Appeal as a Mice marketThe silky concoction of enthralling ethos, scenic locations, culinary fragrance has always tempted tourists to Africa. Along with this, Africa is now fast emerging as a MICE destination, offering state-of-the-art technology for business meetings, conferences and exhibitions to match global standards.    

We go through a range of emotions in our daily life. There are so many issues in life we feel strongly about and it’s important to have an outlet. People often look for wedding destinations, honeymoon destinations, holiday destinations, cruise destinations and many such like. Enchantingly, a rising number of corporates are now looking for MICE destinations which are certainly a seamless pattern of merging business with pleasure. Tourism industry forsee that the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) sector is poised for enthusiastic development.    

The term MICE refers to a specific niche of group tourism committed to planning, booking and facilitating conferences, seminars and other events connected with pleasure and refreshment. Of course, the traditional ‘boardroom-style’ scene is now being swapped by a pioneering approach where huge outdoor meeting space, smaller cosy corners for limited gatherings and scenic kinds of ambience are being preferred and looked for. The focus is on creating conducive informal settings and it is no more an astonishing sight to see delegates gathered around a campfire, a fountain or a bar.    

For a Fabulous MICE Experience One can find here more destinations, travel experts & cultural events. The silky concoction of enthralling ethos, scenic locations and culinary pleasure has always tempted tourists to Africa. Along with this, Africa is fast emerging as a MICE destination offering stateof- the-art technology for business meetings, conferences and exhibitions to match global standards. In some of the African countries, almighty hotels and resorts positioned at spellbinding backwaters, stunning tropical beaches, mist-laden hills or lively metropolis, provide some of the top venues for fabulous MICE adventure. Africa has introduced MICE tourism at some fascinating and popular destinations in the continent.    

Africa is presently the global focus for business with many African countries listed among the fastest growing economies in the world. Given this economic boom in Africa, there is a growing appeal of the continent as a destination for business travels and, therefore, tremendous opportunities for this industry to blossom. According to Rick Taylor (founding CEO of the Cape Town Convention Bureau) this is so because “supply and demand within the African MICE industry is inherently linked to developments within the global economy as well as to the levels of prosperity and growth within individual nations.”    

With South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda and a few south and east African countries as models, more countries in the continent are starting to see the benefits of investing in the MICE industry and its potential impact, the sector could have, on tourism and local economy. Amongst apparent challenges, Africa is still proving to be a developing destination of choice for business tourism with numerous world class conferencing amenities across the continent hosting a number of complex and world famous events and meetings.    

“We are keen on having regional convention centres in the country as we transition to the county government system. KICC, the state corporation mandated to spearhead conference tourism in the country through the Ministry of Tourism, has already received commitment from some counties to fund them in line with the country’s meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) strategy,” said the KICC communications office, Kenya.    

Moreover, Rwanda’s tourism industry, a key pillar in the country’s vision for the future, is one of its largest employers and foreign exchange earners. An extraordinary tourism and convention destination, the country has hosted a number of high-level conferences in recent years. The government of Rwanda has recognized the MICE tourism sector as furnishing a sound, long-term opportunity to expand and improve Rwanda’s export strategy.    

To arouse further growth and meet the growing demand from the MICE sector, more convention centres are already on the go which will offer more choices of destinations across the African continent. These future convention centers will be capable of hosting large-scale international conferences, exhibitions and events with a few already in advanced stages of construction like the Calabar International Convention Centre in Nigeria. Read more....


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