Tuesday, 10 May 2016

FREE WEBINAR: Africa’s nuclear journey - are you on board?

FREE WEBINAR: Africa’s nuclear journey - are you on board?Where do you stand on nuclear powering your country? Are you a skeptic? Do you have the facts on the cost, technology and safety of this type of power generation to make an informed decision? These are the questions we are asking the public to consider as part of a live, interactive webcast.

ESI Africa, a trade magazine for the African power sector, has partnered with African Utility Week, a leading power sector conference and expo, to offer a free webinar session to shine a light on nuclear technology and help Africans decide whether to support nuclear in their countries.

On Tuesday 10 May, 2016, at 15h00 CAT, the public will have the opportunity to ask academics and experts including Dr Anthonie Cilliers, programme manager, Nuclear Engineering at North West University, South Africa, to provide clear answers to the following questions:
    - Can my country afford nuclear energy?
    - What new technology is available?
    - Is it safe?
    - How is waste stored?
    - How could nuclear benefit me?

There will also be a Live Twitter session so anyone can submit a question on nuclear to the panel using the hashtag #NuclearSA.

PLUS Take part in the live webinar event and you will receive a free pass to Nuclear Power Africa, an authorised side event of African Utility Week, on Thursday 19 May 2016 in Cape Town. Terms and conditions apply.

How to take part

To sign up to the webinar on Tuesday 10 May 2016 between 15h00-16h00 CAT and win a pass to Nuclear Power Africa, go to http://www.esi-africa.com/events/africa-nuclear-energy-webinar/

About the speakers

Knox Msebenzi is managing director of the Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa (NIASA), the supporting organisation of this webinar. NIASA’s remit is to promote high standards in the development and application of nuclear technology in South Africa and is made up of organisations, groups and individuals. Msebenzi previously worked for the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation and studied engineering at the University of Cambridge. Read more....


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