Wednesday, 11 May 2016

FutureNet Club and FutureAdPro is revolutionning the world

FutureNet Club and FutureAdPro is revolutionning the worldWhat are FutureAdPro and FutureNet Club?

FutureAdPro and FutureNet, both websites are tied together in same database due to which you can register in any of these two websites
The FutureAdPro is design on Revenue Sharing Model such as TrafficMonsoon in which members can purchase AdPacks which costs $50 each through which they can advertise their website as well as can earn back total $60 from the revenue generated by both FutureAdPro and FutureNet where as FutureNet is completely social media site like Facebook, but here you can earn money by posting, sharing, commenting, chatting etc. You can also earn 30% commissions from direct sales as well as 3% to 5% commissions from level 10 to level 1 referrals by selling products of FutureNet. Yep, FutureNet has its own products which can help them to sustain for longer time. However, we don't mean at the moment they are already sustainable. We just mean they can be sustainable due to their business model. In the past we have seen many sites which claim to pay us for social media sharing and posting. However, it is unique because this site can generate actual income from the upgrade fees that members have to purchase to earn commissions from their different level of referrals as well as this site also can earn from their own products sales such as Landing Page System, Video Mail, Blog, Cloud, Website Templates, Momentum System, Games etc. which can make them sustainable. On top of that, there is a cap to buy more AdPacks in FutureAdPro which can limit high Ponzi scheme risk. As a free member, we can purchase only 100 AdPacks and if you upgrade, then depending upon the level of your upgrade, you can have maximum 1000 active AdPacks. This limitation will help the site to manage the real cash flow and make it more sustainable than other Revenue Sharing Sites. However, it doesn't mean we are saying this Revenue Sharing is completely risk free. You must know the fact Revenue Sharing Sites only can pay you back when they can generate the real profit. If site doesn't manage to make enough profit from sales, then the revenue sharing will be also slow or even stops if profit start to be negative. However, since it is back up with social media platform, so it have high chance to be sustainable. However, for that they must be able to make huge number of members (at least 30 to 40% amount of popular social media site like Facebook). But, it can be possible because the revenue sharing site like TrafficMonsoon which have just advertising service as their product has also manages to make more than 2 millions members within 1 year. So, it is very much possible that  FutureNet and FutureAdPro can attract many people to their system. If they can and if they able to make their social media platform popular, then they can be sustain for long run.

So, what do we suggest?

We suggest you to work as a free member or if you want purchase AdPacks and Memberships, then we suggest you not to purchase more than the amount which you can't afford to lose. We don't mean it is a scam.

Background of FutureAdPro and FutureNet Club

As per WHOIS details, FutureNet domain is registered in 2014 under FutureNet Inc., located at Majuro, Marshall Island. They have provided same address within their website as well. They have also provided Strategic Partner address as Ul Ułańska which is in Poland. The founder and CEO of the website is Stephan Morgenstern, and Roman Ziemian

All of them are currently living in Wroclaw, Poland as per their Facebook profiles. So, we can conclude that website is running and operating from Poland.

We also tried to find out the past history of the owners, specially their link with any other scam site in the past or not. But, we didn't find any bad reputation about all of them. We found out that Stephan is working in MLM field from more than 25 years which makes him expert in this field. So, he is perfect person to run FutureNet as its business model is also related with MLM industry. Read more.....


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