Thursday, 19 May 2016

Jovago’s Interview with the Tourism Expert

Jovago’s Interview with the Tourism ExpertTourism, which is one of the leading sector in Tanzania, has recorded the improvement in performance and number of international arrivals to 1.2Million in 2015. However to get the proper view on the Industry’s initiatives and its performance on the next ten years, Jovago did an interview with one of the expert from the Tourism sector as follows:

Jovago: What will the tourist sector in Tanzania look like in 10

years time?

(In other words, what kind of tourists will be visiting destination Tanzania, will different attractions be on offer, what types of accommodation be on offer, how will Tanzanian tourism workers be trained, what conservation efforts will have saved the natural and manmade attractions of the nation?)

Tourism expert: In ten years’ time we expect a very vibrant, eco-friendly and sustainable tourism in Tanzania with massive influx of tourists from new source markets such as China, Scandinavia and South America which shall double our current inbound.

Why vibrant tourism industry and eco friendly! This is due to various efforts undergoing currently in the tourism industry by both private and public entities focusing on enabling the tourism industry to not only satisfy the tourist’s expectation but also accommodate their needs to the perceived and expected standards.

Efforts on pipeline, such as returning of the national carrier( Air Tanzania) , increasing accessibility to our tourism sites and products through heavy infrastructure development both by all-weather road extension and expansion of our local airports to international standard (Mwanza and Songwe airport) as well as building new airports and strips will ensure accessibility to our tourism products all over the country (especially the southern and western circuit) directly from the source market and new emerging markets.

Excessive investment facilitation in the sector in terms of high standard hotels, hospitality colleges and product development will as well bring important changes in the industry and ensure the increase carrying capacity of the industry and hence help to accommodate the transformation from 1.2 Mil to about 3 Mil tourists and above annually.

The sector will be very eco-friendly and sustainable in response to massive undergoing programs undertaken by both public and private stakeholders on transforming the community mind and perspective towards tourism. These programs are expected to re shape the community by imparting that knowledge and engage them on preserving and conserving the tourism products for their generation future. These robust efforts shall ensure that the poaching problem is well dealt upon, and our wildlife is safe and protected by the community itself for the development of the tourism sector

Jovago: What incentives are being formulated by government and tourism stakeholders to attract visitors in an increasingly competitive tourism marketplace?

(In other words, safari tourists have many options ranging from tiger trails in India to amazing tours in South Africa. So what steps are in place to make destination more attraction in terms of price, accommodation quality, visitor attractions, visa prices or other incentives to ensure tourists chose Tanzania?)

Tourism expert: Both public and private sector have been jointly collaborating on ensuring that Tanzania become the favourable destination to tourist all over the world, and attract as many tourists as possible each year. The following efforts have been staged as forerun incentives towards development in the sector

·         Easy entry process, whereby tourists are not required to process VISA prior to arrival but they can do that on arrival

·         Simplified investment process in the hospitality industry through TIC (one stop centre establishment), whereby investors are encouraged to invest in the tourism industry through Hotels development,
infrastructure, and service provision in the industry. This has tremendously increased the number of rooms available in the country hence the tourists carrying capacity

·         Establishment of new products in the industry and extensive promotion of existing products has made the destination more competitive. Products such as the wild beast migration, mount Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro  crater, endless wilderness of Serengeti, the untamed beaches of Zanzibar, few to mention, stood out as unique and superlative all over Africa Read more....


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