Thursday, 5 May 2016

Mondo Ride launched in Kenya – looking at rapid expansion in the continent

Mondo Ride launched in Kenya – looking at rapid expansion in the continentAfrica has long seen a fragmented and unorganized mass commute and taxi on call services market. Mondo Ride, a differentiated mobile app based transport aggregator plans to fill in this gap and serve these markets profitably. They have recently seen a very successful launch in Kenya and Tanzania.

First launched in 2014, in Saudi Arabia, Mondo has grown from strength to strength and is now confident of covering a majority of African nations with its customized taxi aggregator mobile application. Mondo has strategically partnered with Mr Ramesh Awtaney led iSON Group, who has also invested in Mondo through their investment arm; iSON Innovation and Investments. The iSON group brings to the table, its strong presence in 25 countries in Africa.

The proposition of Mondo Ride is very simple: To efficiently serve every commuter who needs a paid and safe taxi ride from point to point within a city. Their USP lies in their service model. This is what differentiates them from the EasyTaxi and Uber like business models. They believe in localization of their services, and to that effect they have local call centers for higher service levels and overall assistance. They have a unique driver rating system which is visible to all and can be used as a selection criteria by each user while booking their ride. Also, since they are aggregators of local taxis, they have very strict driver acceptance and training criteria. They also promise to maintain utmost privacy of passenger contact details, unlike many other service providers.

When contacted, Mr Troels Andersen, CEO of Mondo Ride said “Our service is about a personalized.. Read more....


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