Thursday, 12 May 2016

SA smart phone firm receives 50,000 export order for T-Touch

SA smart phone firm receives 50,000 export order for T-TouchTHULES Telecomms, South Africa's home grown product engineering company has received it's first export orders for a total 50,000 units for its ground breaking smart phone, T-Touch mobile.

The orders are from two Ghanaian companies.

A press statement from the company said the first order for 40,000 units had come from an Accra based mobile supplier whose target market are university students with limited disposable income.

Part of the communication from the Accra entrepreneur to Thules Telecomms reads: “l am very certain that the university environment will be a fertile ground for your product  and that the comparatively cheap but durable nature of your product will make it a preferred choice by students in university community.”

The second order for 10,000 units comes from a mobile phone dealer in Kwashiman-Accra who also alludes to the competitively priced T-Touch mobile as a major attraction.

The lowest band of T-Touch mobiles retail for between R149-R299 (US$10.50-$21.00), while the smart phones range from R599-R4,999 ($45-$350).

According to the statement, demand for the T-Touch mobile phone within South Africa itself has grown in great leaps and bounds since Thules Telecomms CEO and founder, Thulani Khoza, went public about the product.

“Demand for our T-Touch mobile phone is already soaring within South Africa,” Khoza says. “However, orders from Ghana represent a major breakthrough in our export marketing strategy. We have also received expressions of interest from Angola and other African countries for the T-Touch mobile and for our tablets.”

Furthermore, Khoza said he is humbled by positive comments his company constantly receives from people all over the world.

“It is both humbling and gratifying to hear people commending us for being the first South African manufacturer of smart phones and also admiring the quality of our tablets and service delivery,” Khoza says. “Those comments inspire all of us at Thules Telecomms to work harder in improving the quality of our products.” Read more.....


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